Apple Asked Developers About Their App Store Experiences

An email from Apple to developers:

We love feedback.

Tell us about your experience managing, marketing and distributing apps for the App Store.

Wil Shipley at the end of a comprehensive reply:

I’ve filled out three or four of these surveys before. I know Phil specifically says he doesn’t want to hear about upgrade pricing any more, but Phil is also working for the world’s richest company, which sells hardware and gives software away. Those of us who only sell software can’t afford to give it away.

Michael Tsai:

Ryan Jones:

  1. What is your age?

  2. What platforms do you dev for?


It’s weird how pushy Apple is being with augmented reality.

Yes, especially given that dedicated augmented reality hardware doesn’t really exist yet. There are a handful of good AR experiences, but most of the ones I’ve tried feel like technology demonstrations.