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Written by Nick Heer.

IFTTT Reaches Out to Pinboard

Linden Tibbets, the CEO of IFTTT, in a tweet:

@pinboard I built the Pinboard Channel on @IFTTT and have maintained it for years. […]

I find it incredulous how IFTTT thought they’d receive little blowback for building a bunch of working stuff, then turning around and demanding that the developers of those integrated platforms redo all their work for free.

Tibbets sent a followup email to users who have workflows that involve Pinboard:

We made a mistake in asking Pinboard to migrate without fully explaining the benefits of our developer platform. It’s our responsibility to prove that value before asking Pinboard to take ownership of their Channel. We hope to share more on the value of our platform soon.

No kidding.

As best as I can figure out, Pinboard launched publicly on July 12, 2009. I joined on July 14, 2009, paying the incredibly luxurious fee of about $4.00 $2.91 for a lifetime account. I bought archiving for a couple of years today; I hope you’ll do the same. Seems useful, anyway, considering how quickly links rot.

(As of writing, 17% of my bookmarks have been archived, consuming 1.29 GB of disk space.)