Months-Old iCloud Bug Causing Syncing Issues for Third-Party Apps Fixed

Sorry for the heavier posts today. My mind has been churning on some stuff for a while.

So how about the iCloud problems that have apparently persisted for some users since December, November, or even May? That is pretty wild. It got widespread coverage earlier this week, and good news: going to the press works.

Juli Clover, MacRumors:

Apple appears to have fixed an ongoing iCloud server issue that was causing some apps that have implemented iCloud support to fail to sync properly. The bug has persisted since November, and app developers were becoming increasingly upset with Apple’s lack of effort to address the problem.

Apple also rolled out system updates today which fix that Safari cross-site tracking bug reported in November. Also included in these updates is a patch for IOMobileFrameBuffer, which allowed arbitrary code and “may have been actively exploited”. Reports suggest the problem is limited to iOS 15 and MacOS Monterey, but it appears MacOS Big Sur is also vulnerable.