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Written by Nick Heer.

IAB: ‘We Messed Up’

George Slefo for Ad Age:

In the wake of recent concerns surrounding ad-blocking software, the Interactive Advertising Bureau released a statement Thursday telling content providers and others, “We messed up.” […]

The threat of ad-blocking software has created a feverish pitch among industry leaders, forcing them to reevaluate the status quo. As Mr. Cunningham writes, much of that was due to maximizing profits and disregarding user experience.

When it was announced that iOS 9 would support content blocking extensions in Safari, I was of two minds. Part of me thought that they would become mainstream through the combination of less risk and greater visibility, as they’re coming from the App Store, in addition to a greater need on mobile. The other part of me thought that they would remain, as on desktops, a relatively niche category of software.

As of right now, Purify is the 63rd most popular paid app on the Canadian App Store, just above Tweetbot 4. It is the highest-ranked content blocker on the store, and it ranks well above some pretty popular apps.

But I’m not convinced iOS content blockers, specifically, are substantially increasing the dent of ad blockers as a whole quite yet. I think the IAB is reacting predominantly to the rising wave of negative press adtech has received in the past few months.

Slefo, again:

L.E.A.N., which stands for Light, Encrypted, Ad Choice Supported and Non-Invasive, will be the principles that will help guide the next phase of advertising technical standards for the global digital advertising supply chain, the IAB said.

The guidelines will look to limit file size, “with strict data call guidelines,” assure user security, support DAA’s consumer privacy programs and supplement user experience, which includes covering content and sound enabled by default, the IAB said.

That sounds really prom—

The guidelines will not replace the current advertising standards.

Oh well. At least this industry has a spectacular track record of self-regulation.