Hunting for the Best Mirrorless Camera

Shawn Blanc is trying to find a decent camera:

Ultimately what’s most important to me is a camera that I will want to use and which while produce images I’m proud of. Friction (or rather, a lack thereof) is just as important as image quality because a $2,000 camera that takes jaw-dropping photos won’t do me any good if I leave it in the bag.

A couple of nights ago, I was at the midnight (0:07) premiere of “Skyfall” (it was great, thanks). The movie ended at nearly 3:00 and, while walking out to the car, I noticed the spectacular mood created by the empty parking lot. I snapped a few photos with my iPhone. Looking back, I wish I had my DSLR on me. But, at the same time, that’s a lot of weight and size to lug around, which is why it tends to stay at home unless the occasion calls for it.

These mirrorless cameras look like the solution to that. Blanc has a great selection, though I’m surprised he didn’t look into the FujiFilm X-E1.