Humane Previews Projection-Based Wearable Computer at TED 2023

Ina Fried, Axios:

Ex-Apple employee Imran Chaudhri gave TED attendees on Thursday an early glimpse of the AI-powered wearable that his startup, Humane, has been developing.

The screenless device, which does not require a nearby cell phone to work, uses a combination of voice and gestures for input and can display information by projecting it onto nearby objects.

Fried embeds a photo from Twitter of the device in action, and Ray Wong posted a video of the phone call demo in action. A free copy of the TED Talk should be posted online in the coming days, but it appears to be available now for those of you who have a spare $150 burning a hole in your pocket. My curiosity is piqued.

Update: Wong has been updating his report about the demo at Inverse:

Another function according to [Zarif] Ali: “a camera-enabled dietary feature that lets you check if you can eat a certain food based on your dietary restrictions.”

[Michael] Mofina told Inverse that in another demo, the wearable “gave [Chaudhri] a specific answer about going shopping in a nearby district.” Such a feature would be useful while traveling.

Almost like it is augmenting reality, to borrow a term.