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Written by Nick Heer.

HP Envy Spectre XT

Sean Hollister reviews the HP Spectre XT for The Verge:

While the Spectre XT isn’t a complete clone of Apple’s [MacBook Air] — with rather different lid, hinge, speaker, and trackpad designs — the overall effect is clearly crafted to attract people who want a MacBook Air with Windows on board. […] [W]hile the earlier Envy 14 Spectre felt like a breath of fresh air, the Spectre XT honestly comes off as derivative

This looks like a MacBook Air that’s been hit with the ugly stick. As I wrote earlier this month:

I don’t protest against ripoffs from a lawyerly perspective (that’s Nilay Patel’s job), or even an art student’s perspective. It’s a simple fact that one cannot produce a better product by copying a current one.

Another missed opportunity.