How to Resolve Apple Maps Data Errors

Just follow these simple steps to resolve data errors in Apple Maps:

  1. Notice a ridiculous error — say, for example, a train station that was disused and demolished a year and a half before Apple launched Maps.
  2. Try reporting the error from within Maps. If a lot of people report this error, it may be fixed. But if you, as I, live in a city with a population smaller than that of Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, New York, or San Francisco, this may not help.
  3. Assuming the error remains despite reporting it occasionally for a year, additional steps may be required.
  4. Start a weblog and get various articles linked to from Daring Fireball, Macworld, and others.
  5. Wait until you’ve built up a moderate Cupertino-area readership.
  6. Complain about the mapping error.
  7. Get some attention.
  8. Wait for a week.
  9. Rejoice upon finding out that said mapping error has been resolved.

Rinse, repeat.

Update: Or, perhaps, it was you, dear reader.