How Might a Siri API Work?

Erica Sadun reposted her 2012 article on how a Siri API might work, especially if multiple third-party apps are competing for the same kinds of information:

[…] Second, it’s a challenging problem to implement. And third, it could open Siri to a lot of potential exploitation (think of an app that opens every time you say “Wake me up tomorrow at 7:00 AM” instead of deferring to the built-in timer).

That’s why we sat down and brainstormed how Apple might accomplish all of this safely using technologies already in-use. What follows is our thought experiment of how Apple could add these APIs into the iOS ecosystem and really allow Siri to explode with possibility.

A smart article to keep in mind going into WWDC next week. I am particularly interested in knowing whether apps utilizing a (still-hypothetical) Siri API would be subjected to increased scrutiny — I hope they would, for both privacy and functionality reasons.