Hot Bag MacBook

Sam Rowlands (via Michael Tsai):

Have you ever travelled somewhere to find that your MacBook is nice and warm, with next to no battery left? If so, these are the common causes of a “Hot Bag MacBook” that we’ve found so far.

As soon as I saw Tsai post this, I knew I had to post it, too, just because the phrase “hot bag MacBook” makes me chuckle.

I might as well add my own experience, too, featuring my old 2012 MacBook Air. For many months, I could not nail down the cause of it waking while in my bag until I realized the tension of the hinge had changed very slightly and would open the display by an almost imperceptible amount if it was bumped. Barely enough to be seen, but just enough to wake it up. The solution was to slightly loosen some screws on the inside. I do not know if this is a relevant tip on more recent Macs, however, as I have not checked its replacement for a similar hinge setup.