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Written by Nick Heer.

This Is the Year the Home Screen Dies, Again

Mat Honan, writing for Wired in 2014:

Interactive notifications will spur all sorts of new behaviors. (And yes, Android already has interactive notifications, but the ones in iOS 8 look to go beyond what KitKat can do.) Some of these will be simple, like the ability to reply to an email or text message. But they’re powerful in that you can do this without quitting whatever you’re already doing. And this interactivity is not just limited to system apps. Third-party developers can take advantage of this new capability as well, so you could comment on something on Facebook, respond to a tweet, or even check in on Foursquare. But others are going to be radical, stuff we haven’t imagined yet. Once developers begin to really harness what interactive notifications can do in iOS 8 — and they will — it’s going to cause one of the most radical changes since third-party apps. With the advent of iOS 8, notifications are the new interface frontier.

Kyle Vanhemert, also writing for Wired, in 2015:

With iOS 9, the bulk of interaction will happen elsewhere, dispersed among intelligent notification panels, powerful search tools, and context-specific suggestions that put relevant apps a flick away. The dependable home screen will still exist, but for the first time, it feels secondary. These days, the smartphone experience is just too fast and fluid to be pinned to a grid.

David Pierce, writing for — yep — Wired today in an article titled “With iOS 10, Your iPhone’s Basically Just a Lockscreen Now”:

That’s a key feature, because the lockscreen is the biggest change in iOS 10. That press-to-unlock thing is designed to keep you on the lockscreen, because it’s where you’ll want to be.

Relentlessly assuming that Apple is in the process of killing off the home screen in iOS seems to be a pet passion for Wired’s writers. I don’t see it, though. I may reply to tweets from the push notification banner, but that isn’t a substitute for launching the app from my home screen.