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Written by Nick Heer.

Guy Kawasaki Opens Mouth Again

“Shock and awe,” the headline of this Dan Lyons article reads, “Apple legend Guy Kawasaki has become a hardcore Android fan.”

Suggested remedy for reading any article about an ex-Apple employee suddenly not using an Apple product:

  1. Open up this Crazy Apple Rumors article,
  2. Copy its text into your favourite plain text editor,
  3. Find and replace instances of “Steve” with the first name of the ex-Apple employee (“Guy”, in this case),
  4. Do the same for “Wozniak”, and the last name (“Kawasaki” here).
  5. Delete the part that says “co-founder”, and replace with “ex-employee”.
  6. Pour yourself a stiff drink. This can be done first, if you prefer.
  7. Read the article.