Google Warns Liberals’ Online Harms Bill ‘Will Result in the Blocking of Legitimate Content’

Anja Karadeglija, National Post:

The Liberal government’s proposal to force online platforms to monitor all user content and take down posts they judge to be illegal “will result in the blocking of legitimate content,” says Google.


The Liberal government has promised to introduce legislation tackling online harms – defined as terrorist content, content that incites violence, hate speech, intimate images shared non-consensually and child sexual exploitation – within 100 days of Parliament’s return. The government outlined details of its proposal in July and asked for feedback, though it has refused to release the 423 submissions it received. Google is now the latest among a number of organizations and academics to make their own submissions public.

Interestingly, Google is not suggesting scrapping this bill, only modifying it to permit a more considered approach toward platform moderation. But I think repairing this mess will require changes so fundamental that it would require an entirely different bill.

I would love to see what is being suggested by other respondents but, as Karadeglija writes, the government has not released those records.

See Also: A summary of platform moderation legislation (PDF) proposals in various countries, as prepared by Reset for U.K. Parliament.