Google Debuts New Photos Commercial

This ad is perfect. The only reason it exists is because Apple has decided to be stingy with their storage offerings: the iPhone still starts at 16 GB, and iCloud offers just 5 GB for free. It may only be an extra dollar per month to get 50 GB of storage, but why does it cost a dollar? If you’ve just paid $649 for new iPhone, you probably feel like that should have included a barely-tolerable 50 GB of iCloud storage, too. When you’ve missed a photo because you’ve run out of space, you’re not thinking about the business model of the company that made the phone. You just wanted that photo.

Update: I previously misstated that the first paid iCloud tier, at $1/month, offered 20 GB of storage. It’s 50. Apple has a full list for the pricing in all countries where it’s offered.