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Written by Nick Heer.

Google’s Top News Link for ‘Final Election Results’ Goes to a Fake News Site

Philip Bump, Washington Post:

If you head to Google to learn the final results of the presidential election, the search engine helpfully walks through the final electoral vote tallies and number of seats won by each party in the House and Senate. Under that, Google lists some related news articles. At the top this morning, with an accompanying photo: a story arguing that Donald Trump won both the popular and electoral votes.

That’s not true.

Algorithmic rankings have failed all throughout the course of the U.S. election, from when it kicked off about a thousand years ago until today. Facebook is failing to acknowledge that popular fake news posts might have swayed some votes, and Google’s secret sauce is promoting some poky WordPress blog.1

Luckily, right below the crappy link is, as of right now, a link to a Business Insider article debunking it. Those should, of course, be reverse; or, better yet, the false information shouldn’t even be there.

  1. If Google wishes to promote this poky WordPress blog, they should feel free to do so. ↩︎