Goodbye to Stepped Noses

Good news, everyone: today’s posts aren’t entirely going to be about Apple’s Q1 2013 results. There’s Formula 1 news, too. “Michalis K.” of GPUpdates:

Almost all of the teams adopted the ‘stepped’ design ahead of the 2012 season, with only McLaren and Marussia choosing to follow the path of the lower ‘banana’ nose. […]

To improve the aesthetic appeal of the cars in 2013, the FIA reached a compromise with all of the teams and it was ultimately decided that a non-structural fairing of prescribed laminate could be fixed on the nose surface to cover the stepped element.

Despite being a McLaren fan — a team which created an innovative workaround to the stepped nose — this is good news. This year’s Mercedes (also a fan) should be beautiful; we’ll find out for certain on February 4.