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Written by Nick Heer.

Goodbye, David Carr

Awful news from the Times:

David Carr, who wrote about media as it intersects with business, culture and government in his Media Equation column for The New York Times, died at the office on Thursday. He was 58.

Just yesterday, Carr brilliantly juxtaposed Jon Stewart’s retirement from the Daily Show with Brian Williams’ suspension:

Both men spent more than a decade on top of their businesses for good reasons. Mr. Stewart had a remarkable eye for hypocrisy, found amazing writers and executed their work and his own with savage grace, no small feat. Mr. Williams managed to convey gravitas and self-awareness at the same time while sitting atop one of the best television news operations in the business. They were kings of their respective crafts.

I’m going to miss Carr’s columns a lot. The man was brilliant.