Gmail’s Overly-Sensitive Spam Filter

Dave Pell:


NextDraft went to spam for many users. Check for if there. Mark as not spam. Read. Enjoy.

Not only did NextDraft end up in spam for me, so did a variety of newsletters from Rag & Bone, Digg, and 7 For All Mankind, not to mention a recent Hover invoice. As I don’t use Gmail’s web interface, moving these messages to my inbox required the following steps:

  1. Sign out of my standard Google account.
  2. Sign into one of my email addresses.
  3. Decline (for the millionth time) Google’s invitation to add the account to the quick account switcher which never, ever works as expected.
  4. Trudge through the mess of actual spam messages to find the few legitimate (but important, cf. the Hover invoice above) emails.
  5. Open each one and mark them as “not spam”.

This was required for each of my five email accounts hosted with Google. It seems to me that the services the company is known for — search, email, Reader — are becoming steadily worse or are being killed altogether.