The Best Global Tech Stories of 2023

I have previously linked to Bloomberg’s annual “jealousy list” of articles from other outlets they wish they had published; it is mostly an excuse to ask about the Supermicro fiasco.

This year, though, no snark and no Bloomberg. This year, Rest of World — a website you really ought to be reading, if I may be so bold — published its own list of great stuff from other publications. I like the international focus of the articles this list, even though most of them are from U.S. outlets.

In addition to the aforelinked Zeke Faux story, my favourites from this list are John Herrman’s look at Temu, Rebecca Tan and Regine Cabato’s investigation of A.I. training for the Washington Post, and Vox’s Izzie Ramirez explaining why everything you buy is a little worse now. Happy reading.