Public Profiles in Glass

There are a few things I appreciate about this announcement last week from Glass:

With Glass 1.2 coming out today, you can now share your Glass Profile anywhere! We’re excited to open up profiles, letting you truly make Glass your home for highlighting your photography. Whether you’re using it as a portfolio, a quick showcase of your best shots, or a space to experiment with a new style, we’ve been blown away with the quality of your profiles. Now you can share them anywhere.

I like that this is not an attempt to duplicate the app on the web. You can see users’ photos, technical data, and profile information, but comments are not displayed and there is — as far as I can tell — no way to participate from the web. That gives it a different focus and a different feel.

I also appreciate that these profiles are not switched on by default. Users have to manually enable them. It feels like a slower and more deliberate action — a way to give users more control.

Glass is doing many things a little bit differently. I like it.