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Written by Nick Heer.

Today’s Next-Generation iPhone Clickbait Brought to You by Gizmodo

Alex Cranz of Gizmodo responded to Mark Gurman and Min Jeong Lee’s report about the next-generation iPhone:

The phone will be a nearly bezel-free slab of glass and stainless steel (or possibly aluminum), the home button will be dead, and a gorgeous OLED display will be the focal point.

If you’re having a sense of deja vu, that’s because the Galaxy S8 had the exact same series of redesigns from the previous iteration when Samsung announced it last month. While Apple has been popularly viewed as the big smartphone innovator, this year it’s undoubtedly chasing Samsung.

The headline for this article said it even more succinctly:

The 10th Anniversary iPhone Sounds Like a Samsung Clone

One of three things happened here. Maybe Apple has become so efficient with their design process that they went all the way back to May of last year to begin copying the Galaxy S8; or, perhaps, Samsung was aware of that rumour and rushed their version of the phone to market; or — most likely — this is a natural evolution of the smartphone form factor as every major manufacturer has been trying to reduce the bezels on their devices for years now.