Apple Says Some 2018 iPad Pros Ship Bent and They Don’t Consider It a Defect

I first heard about this over a month ago when two people in a small Slack room mentioned that they were seeing bending in their new iPads. One of those people took it to an Apple Store where it was captured by a technician, along with two other brand new iPad Pros opened in front of them.

Most rumours of bending devices are the result of someone applying excessive pressure in an attempt to bend them. These products are made of metal so, yeah, they’ll bend at some point. That’s an artificial controversy.

In this case, though, Apple says that bending of the 2018 iPad Pros is a result of the manufacturing process and that they do not consider it a defect. I don’t think that’s acceptable. These are thousand-dollar devices designed and engineered by a company known for its fastidious attention to detail; there is simply no excuse why they should be bent as a result of its manufacturing.

Is it functionally problematic? No, and Apple says that it won’t worsen over time. But is it a defect? Yeah, totally. A manufacturing process that left a dent would not be tolerated; why should this?