Six Months Later, and Game Centre is Still Broken

Craig Grannell:

When iOS 9 hit beta last summer, I heard concerns from developers about Game Center. Never Apple’s most-loved app, it had seemingly fallen into a state of disrepair. In many cases, people were reporting it outright failed to work.

Six months later, little has changed. If anything, Game Center has gotten worse, with major problems increasingly widespread. These include the Game Center app launching as a white screen, and Game Center freezing the Settings app when you try to access its options.

Via Federico Viticci, who writes:

I’ve also come across this problem and heard about it from MacStories readers and game developers. There’s a thread on the TouchArcade forums that is over 50 pages long with hundreds of responses.

As Grannell points out, this doesn’t just affect leaderboards — Game Centre is the underlying architecture for many turn-based games in the App Store. This problem seems to be affecting devices at random; even devices with the same associated Apple ID do not behave consistently.

Much like the watchOS 2 bug I’ve been experiencing — and which I will direct any Cupertino-area readers towards as regularly as possible — this is a problem that should not persist for six months. I’d usually say that it’s the kind of bug that would have been fixed immediately in any other product Apple makes, but the now-legendary clusterfuck that was discoveryd persisted for over eight months after Yosemite’s release, and that caused enormous problems for any piece of software on OS X that wished to connect to the internet. Not a good look.

Update: Apple reached out to Grannell regarding this issue, promising a fix “soon”. Grannell

The Game Center bug, which Apple has known about since the iOS 9 betas, is being investigated and should “hopefully” be resolved “soon”. I realise that’s all anyone can really say, but I think anyone reliant on Game Center would be justified in wearing their cynical hat while reading that statement. We can only hope ‘soon’ in this case means ‘by the time of the next minor update’ and not ‘possibly at some point in the iOS 10 cycle’ or ‘before the heat death of the universe’.

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