Samsung Introduces the Galaxy Watch Ultra and See If You Can Guess Its Inspiration

Victoria Song, the Verge:

I’m not exaggerating or being a hater, either. It’s in the name! Apple Watch Ultra, Galaxy Watch Ultra. Everything about this watch is reminiscent of Apple’s. Samsung says this is its most durable watch yet, with 10ATM of water resistance, an IP68 rating, a titanium case, and a sapphire crystal lens. There’s a new orange Quick Button that launches shortcuts to the workout app, flashlight, water lock, and a few other options. (There is a lot of orange styling.) It’s got a new lug system for attaching straps that looks an awful lot like Apple’s, too.

It is extremely funny to me how shameless Samsung is in duplicating the specific differences of the Apple Watch Ultra relative to a standard Apple Watch. You can imagine Samsung’s product team going through the list: Titanium? Check. More durable? Check. Chunkier? Check. Assignable button? Check. Extended typeface? Check. Orange accents? In for a dime, in for a dollar.