Pixel Envy

Written by Nick Heer.

Foxconn Says It Will Create 1,500 Jobs in Wisconsin, 11,500 Fewer than Promised

This project is right on track for Foxconn. The company has also not elaborated upon their denial of having a bunch of empty buildings, despite reporting and photography from the Verge in April confirming that these buildings are, truly and actually, empty.

Update: A Foxconn rep finally replied to Nilay Patel in one of the most bizarre press releases I’ve ever seen. They write “leave us alone” three times in the email — twice in uppercase letters — and quoted a bunch of nonsense from the end of the project’s concept video. I can’t decide what my favourite bit of this is. It might well be the caption “smart safety and security through 8K technology” paired with a pseudo-Face ID icon. I’m not entirely certain how displays with very high pixel counts are supposed to improve facial recognition, or whatever, but I guess if you throw enough buzzwords at someone, they’ll respond by giving you billions of dollars in tax incentives.