I’ve Wondered What Scott Forstall Would Do After He Leaves Apple brooksreview.net

Benjamin Brooks:

Here’s a crazy, yet pretty awesome, thought that I had today: what if Microsoft finally canned Steve Ballmer and hired Scott Forstall as their new CEO? […]

I don’t think it is that absurd of a fit, Forstall is labeled as a “jerk” to work with, yet Ballmer throws chairs. So Forstall is probably less of a jerk than Ballmer — that has to be a plus for Microsoft.

Sounds so crazy that it might really happen.

Look, here’s the thing: I know you’re probably sick and tired of reading about the executive switch-up at Apple. I have another 3-4 articles in my Instapaper queue that I could also post (and I’ll probably just put them in one big digest post). But this is, second only to the passing of Steve Jobs, the single most significant management change at Apple in the past five years. Forstall was in charge of the software division that produced 70% of Apple’s profits last quarter.