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Written by Nick Heer.

Ford Hires Doug Field After Apple and Tesla Stints

Michael Wayland, CNBC:

Ford Motor said Tuesday it hired former Tesla and Apple executive Doug Field to lead its emerging technology efforts, a key focus for the automaker under its new Ford+ turnaround plan.

Field — who led development of Tesla’s Model 3 — most recently served as vice president of special projects at Apple, which reportedly included the tech giant’s Titan car project.

Last we heard — “we” being those of us who are not disclosed Apple employees — Field was reporting to John Giannandrea, who took on Project Titan after Bob Mansfield’s retirement.

Field said he decided to join Ford after speaking with company executives and realizing there’s a “deep desire” to remake the automotive industry, specifically with connected vehicles.

Connected vehicles are a key part to Ford’s new turnaround plan that’s designed to reposition the automaker to generate more recurring revenue through software services.

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