Flipboard 2.0 allthingsd.com

Walt Mossberg, AllThingsD:

One of the best ways of following topics that are interesting to you is Flipboard, a popular app for Apple and Android mobile devices that automatically turns social-network posts and news from online publications into beautiful, magazine-like pages you “flip” through by swiping.

Now, a new second generation of Flipboard, out Tuesday, is extending the app so it allows users to create and share their own handsome digital magazines with a few clicks and without any design talent required. If you make your magazine public, anyone with Flipboard, which is a free app, can read it and comment on it.

Flipboard is one of my favourite iPad apps, and I consistently hear it cited as a reason why people buy one. This is a superb update. And, yes, I’ve tried making a magazine — you can subscribe here.