A Fix for Missing Stand Reminders After Upgrading to WatchOS 4 medium.com

Earlier today, Craig Hockenberry tweeted that he hadn’t received any stand reminders since upgrading to WatchOS 4. I’m usually good about hitting my stand goal without the reminders, but yesterday, I didn’t hit my stand goal for the first time in seventy-five days, according to Activity++. I realized today that I wasn’t reminded after being stationary for over four hours.

Patrick McConnell saw the same issue with his Apple Watch, but he found a fix:

When I first updated to Watch OS4 on my original series 0 watch I didn’t get any reminders to stand. I checked the stand reminders setting was in fact set correctly and scoured the internet for other possible issues. This problem persisted even after updating to my new series 3 watch.

I don’t recall where I came across this tip, but the answer seems to be go into the health app on your phone and access your profile by clicking the icon in the upper right of the screen. From there set the wheelchair option to No.

By default, the wheelchair option is “Not Set”. This is probably a trivial bug to fix, but until it is, this silly workaround should re-enable standing reminders if you’re also affected by this bug.