Pixel Envy

Written by Nick Heer.

“I’m a Developer. I Can Take It.”

Daniel Jalkut has had a much better experience with Apple’s bug reporting system than Marco Arment, largely because he files way more bug reports: 161 in five years, besting my 151 in four (though my yearly average is still higher; neener neener). But, while Jalkut points out that Arment’s 15 bugs in five years is a pittance, I empathize a little with Arment. Apple’s bug reporting system is frequently a black hole, and that doesn’t necessarily encourage developers to file more bug reports.

I do side with Jalkut in that you will get out of filing bug reports what you put into them. I’ve filed bug reports of dubious immediacy and seriousness1, and I’ve filed reports for things I’m certain are duplicates, if only to “vote” on them.

But I’ve also filed reports which I would assume would be closed immediately as duplicates, only to find that they would be left open and then fixed.2 It’s far from a perfect or ideal system, sometimes it makes me a believer.

  1. “Web Inspector close/detach buttons are too close together”, which is #15748981, Cupertino-area readers. Please fix this. ↩︎

  2. I believe the improved quality of synced photos from iPhoto and Aperture to iOS devices from iOS 4 to 5 is a direct result of a bug I filed in 2011. ↩︎