U.S. Senator Pursues Legislation to Cripple Encryption dailydot.com

Patrick Howell O’Neill, writing for the Daily Dot:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that she would seek a bill that would give police armed with a warrant based on probable cause the ability “to look into an encrypted Web.” […]

[FBI Director James Comey insisted] that the encryption debate is “not a technical issue” because “there are plenty of companies today who provide secure services to their customers and still comply with court orders.”

Oh, Comey: this is a technical issue. The only way this is possible is with a mandated “back door”, and the minute one of those is added, the encryption becomes meaningless. It’s only a matter of time, effort, and means for an unauthorized person or party to use that back door. This is counterproductive, especially considering Feinstein previously argued for more robust electronic security protections.