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Written by Nick Heer.

“Feature” #3598533

It’s not just Apple that has issues with their bug reporting system — Adobe does, too. This is probably my favourite bug report I’ve ever filed:

Title: Automatic updates do not automatically download, install, or update

Problem Description: Despite “automatically download and install updates” having been selected since an older version of Flash Player, updates have always been required to be manually downloaded and installed.

Obvious bug, right? Because Adobe’s bug reporter is public, you can see the response I received:

Thanks very much for your report. I think it’s a good advice and we will consider this suggestion seriously as an enhancement.

As it’s not a bug, I will close it.

Sure enough, its status was changed to “NotABug” and it was unceremoniously closed. To which I replied:

Not to be rude, but how is this not a bug? The radio button clearly states that it should do something which it does not.

And have yet to receive an answer, nearly a year later. This problem still hasn’t been fixed.