Fantastical 2 for iPhone

Shawn Blanc:

The more we become familiar with a calendar app’s new-event interface, then the faster we can navigate it. However, as my Twitter poll hints, people entering in just one event or less per day is not much usage to learn an app’s interface.

I’ve been using my iPhone to enter calendar events since 2007, and the default new event entry sheet provided by iOS has always felt like an obstacle course. If most of us are entering one event or less per day on our iPhones, then are we ever really learning the event input interface of our calendar app?

Federico Viticci:

Fantastical’s natural language parser was already superior to the one seen in other calendar apps, and it gets even better in Fantastical 2. Aside from reminder creation support, Flexibits has enhanced the parser to make it smarter with repeat settings: you can now write something like “Team meeting at 9 AM on the second Tuesday of every month”, and Fantastical will pick up your sentence correctly and parse it to set an advanced repeat pattern.

In addition, Fantastical 2 retains the (utterly amazing) DayTicker at the top, reminders are baked into the app, and you get a new light theme if you’re the sort who prefers a lighter UI. It’s just $3 to upgrade from the best calendar app for iOS 6 to the best calendar app for iOS 7. The dudes at Flexibits have knocked it out of the park again.