A Review of the Fairphone Fairbuds theguardian.com

Speaking of repairability, Samuel Gibbs reviewed, for the Guardian, the new Fairphone Fairbuds:

The Fairbuds cost £129 (€149) and are designed from the ground up to be as sustainable as possible, combining fair trade and recycled materials with replaceable parts that can be swapped in and out with a standard small screwdriver.


The earbuds have a little door hidden behind a silicone sleeve, which opens to reveal a small button battery ready to be replaced once it wears out. The design seems so simple you wonder why no one has tried it before.

Gibbs noted an audio sync issue which the company says it was working on. Otherwise, these seem to be perfectly fine true water-resistant wireless earbuds with approximately similar battery life to Apple’s AirPods Pro.

It turns out I am currently in the market for a new set of wireless earbuds. My second-generation AirPods are down to just a few minutes of usable battery charge, and I have been reluctant to buy another set because of the fixed lifespan owing to the glued-in battery. I am sure there are ways these are less good than AirPods but, for my priorities, I think these are the right trade-off. Sadly, they are not yet available in Canada.