Written by Nick Heer.

FaceTime Every Day

Federico Viticci called it:

Sadly I don’t think there’s room for more Apple “…Every Day” ads. “Work/Messages Every Day” aren’t as emotional. Maybe FaceTime again?

Another one of these beautiful little ads. Very elegant, with simple little touches that bring the whole thing together in a bundle of heartstring-tugging happiness. And so forth.

I am a little skeptical of this one, however. While the “Photos Every Day” spot was verifiable through Flickr stats, and the “Music Every Day” one was somewhat logical (Apple makes the best portable music players, and one of them happens to also be a phone), this one seems fuzzier. Microsoft touted 115 billion minutes of Skype time last quarter — an average of 1.27 billion minutes every day. Some of that must be purely computer-to-computer, but it’s hard to believe that Skype — the cross-platform near-synonym-for-video-calling app — is less popular than the iOS/OS X-only FaceTime. I’d love to see the figures on this.