Facebook Isn’t Sorry for Letting Someone Steal Personal Details of Half a Billion Users grahamcluley.com

Elizabeth Culliford, Reuters:

Facebook Inc did not notify the more than 530 million users whose details were obtained through the misuse of a feature before 2019 and recently made public in a database, and does not currently have plans to do so, a company spokesman said on Wednesday.


The Facebook spokesman said the social media company was not confident it had full visibility on which users would need to be notified. He said it also took into account that users could not fix the issue and that the data was publicly available in deciding not to notify users. Facebook has said it plugged the hole after identifying the problem at the time.

Graham Cluley:

Nowhere in Facebook’s post will you find the word “sorry.” Nowhere in Facebook’s post will you see an apology.

So I can assume that Facebook isn’t sorry. It doesn’t even say that it’s going to contact the half a billion users who have had their details leaked onto the internet – not because of the users’ own fault, but because of Facebook’s incompetence and lack of care.

There has been plenty of reporting around this latest data dump, but Facebook’s repeated breaches of security and user trust should not be so easily dismissed by the company. It is mostly treating this as a public relations problem that will blow over, which is unconscionable.