Extending the Life of an iPod Mini systemfolder.wordpress.com

Riccardo Mori:

… while the easiest way to repair a third-generation iPod is to find another small-sized Toshiba hard drive for it, the iPod mini is notoriously easier to upgrade. These iPods used MicroDrives as internal storage solutions, and they are essentially small hard drives with the same dimensions (and most importantly, same connection) as CompactFlash cards. Which means that you can replace them with CompactFlash cards and enjoy a few advantages in return.

The very first Apple product I bought with my own money was a silver first-generation iPod Mini. When I attempted to perform the same upgrade as Mori a few years ago, I didn’t consult a disassembly guide and therefore didn’t know that the white plastic caps on the top and bottom are glued to the internal metal frame. I snapped both in my attempt to pop them off. It’s a shame; the Mini remains one of my favourite products I’ve ever bought. I wish I had kept it.