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Written by Nick Heer.

The Everything-but-Hachette Store

You know how Amazon is pressuring users to buy books from literally any publisher except Hachette because those companies are bickering? Funny story — you probably wouldn’t have heard about this if you read the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post. Alex Shepard, director of digital media for Melville House (via Harry Marks):

There’s another interesting wrinkle in this story. Last summer, Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post and promised he wouldn’t interfere with the paper—Post publisher Katherine Weymouth has said that Bezos “understands that the paper is going to write articles about Amazon and him and his friends that he may not like, and he understands that.” The New York Times has published two stories about Amazon’s spat with Hachette. As of midnight on Sunday, The Post has posted zero.

Funny, that. I mean, the Post has published a few articles post-Bezos ownership about the Apple-publisher-collusion stuff, but none about this. Odd.

Update: As of May 14, the Post has published a short article comparing the Times’ report to the net neutrality debate.