Written by Nick Heer.

Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone Misses June Release

Steve Kovach, Business Insider:

When he announced the Essential smartphone at Recode’s Code Conference in May, Rubin said it would start shipping within 30 days, The Verge reported. The company also started accepting pre-orders for the $699 device.

But more than 30 days have passed since then, and Essential isn’t shipping the phone yet.

An Essential spokesperson did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Harshil Shah nails it:

All you need to know about this story is that it took journalists a full week to realise this.

Essential tweeted on June 28 that they were “working hard to make sure each product meets our quality standards”, which sounds like a PR-friendly way of saying “this product is delayed for an indeterminate amount of time”. They’re still saying that it will be out “this summer”, which gives them until mid-September.