About the iPad Pro’s Embedded Apple SIM techcrunch.com

Since there’s no embargo, journalists with review units can talk freely about them. Matthew Panzarino, TechCrunch:

When Apple introduced its new iPad Pro 9.7″, one of the small technical specifications the company touted prompted the most questions from readers: the new embedded Apple SIM. […]

This programmable SIM makes it easier for Apple to ship one device that is compatible with carriers all over the world, especially when coupled with a cellular radio that integrates most of the known technologies that the networks use all in one bundle.

But those Apple SIMs have always been removable, just like a regular SIM card, and some carriers actually program those SIMs permanently, rendering them ‘locked’ to that carrier.

If your carrier of choice is an consumer-unfriendly dillweed and locks the embedded SIM card to their network, there’s a secondary SIM card slot that allows you to add a non-locked SIM afterwards. I wonder if that slot supports Apple’s removable SIM.

If Apple doesn’t need to add a removable SIM card tray and can instead build the card directly into the logic board, perhaps it tips the scales in favour of cellular-capable MacBooks, too.