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Written by Nick Heer.

Elevation Dock with Lightning Adapter Review

Marco Arment:

It’s just a metal clamp that holds an Apple Lightning cable (not included, $19.99 from Apple) securely at the required angle. This brought my total cost to $97.40 per adapted Dock. For the pre-adapted Dock and a Lightning cable from Apple, new buyers need to pay $108.99 plus shipping and tax as needed. I could justify $59 on Kickstarter, but now it’s almost twice that.

Simply ludicrous. $29 for a dock from Apple is nearly an embarrassment unto itself (including shipping, I paid $10 for a second-hand first-generation iPhone dock), but a $100 dock that doesn’t even have the advantage it was supposed to have over Apple’s docks is utterly bonkers.

Update: I suppose the advantage the Elevation Dock has over the iPhone 5 dock is that the latter doesn’t exist. So there’s that.

The Lightning Dock looks like it’s significantly better than the Elevation Dock, though. It’s smaller, lighter, and significantly less expensive.