Smart Mattress Topper CEO Reminds Everyone His Company Collects Customers’ Sleep Data

CEO of Eight Sleep Matteo Franceschetti:

Breaking news: The OpenAI drama is real.

We checked our data and last night, SF saw a spike in low-quality sleep. There was a 27% increase in people getting under 5 hours of sleep. We need to fix this.

Source: @eightsleep data

Eight Sleep’s “Pod” mattress topper costs at least $1,795 in the United States, plus a $15 per month subscription which is required for the first year of use, so this is what you might call a limited sample.

Jason Koebler, 404 Media:

Franceschetti’s tweet reminds us that The Pod is essentially a mattress with both a privacy policy and a terms of service, and that the data Eight Sleep collects about its users can and is used to further its business goals. It’s also a reminder that many apps, smart devices, and apps for smart devices collect a huge amount of user data that they can then directly monetize or deploy for marketing or Twitter virality purposes whenever they feel like it.

Everyone deserves privacy, including people who buy $2,000 mattress toppers. But if I ever get to a point where I am signing off on a legal contract for my bed, please kick me in the head.