Written by Nick Heer.

Electronic Frontier Foundation Calls for Apple To Allow User Encryption for iCloud Data

The Electronic Frontier Foundation yesterday launched a new initiative they’re calling Fix It Already, with demands for the resolution of what they see as critical issues with products and services from nine of the biggest tech companies. These requests are thoughtful and well-considered; it’s worth reading through them.

Of Apple, the EFF says that the company should improve the encryption of iCloud data by ensuring that users control the keys.

I am certain that this is far more difficult to implement than few people outside the iCloud team are aware of, and that there may be caveats. But now that oppressive regimes like Russia and China are demanding that cloud data for users in those countries be stored on servers located in those countries, and Australian authorities think they can get software companies to crack encryption just by asking, I think this is an increasingly pressing concern. I would like to see Apple address this.