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Written by Nick Heer.

Editorially Is Shutting Down

Come May 30, Editorially will be no more:

We’re proud of the team and tool that we built together and incredibly thankful that so many of you were willing to give it a try. And we continue to believe that evolving the way we collaborate as writers and editors is important work. But Editorially has failed to attract enough users to be sustainable, and we cannot honestly say we have reason to expect that to change.

We wish that were not the case — we’ve spent much of the past two years working on the hypothesis that the reverse was true — but today we must be honest with ourselves, and with you: this isn’t going to work.

For those who haven’t used it, Editorially was a great collaborative writing tool. When I wrote that iOS photo editing apps article for the Sweet Setup, it was a fantastic collaborative editing tool. Jeff Abbott, Shawn Blanc, and myself could all see where the edits were being made and leave notes. What a shame.