Doppler for Mac

A few years ago, Brushed Type released the excellent Doppler app for iPhone which, by focusing on local music libraries, has offered a delightful experience ever since. Well, now there’s a Mac version.

John Voorhees, MacStories:

Doppler’s appeal runs deeper, though. There are plenty of music players you can point at a folder of files. What sets Doppler apart is its attention to delivering a top-notch listening experience in a reliable, great-looking package. I’d love to see Doppler adapted to the iPad too, and hopefully, syncing with Apple Music’s library will be out soon, but if you’re a music fan looking for a great playback experience for the music you own, Doppler is a must-try app.

If you’re like me and you still have a local music collection — and I think that is a pretty good idea — you owe it to yourself to give Doppler a try, if only for its exquisite album art finder. I found the overall experience very refined, especially for a first version, and I am excited to see its progress as more features take shape. Seven day trial and then just $25 USD.