Privileged App Store Behaviour for Disney Plus Subscriptions

Max Seelemann:

iOS biz people… Subscription price increase as mere NOTICE instead of having to confirm, else subs expires.

Is this new behavior for everyone or exclusive to Disney+?

Normally when developers increase the price of a subscription, the user is supposed to be prompted several times to agree to the new rate. If they do not, their subscription will not automatically renew.

In this case, an App Store sheet is informing users that a price change is happening. The most obvious action is an “OK” button on the sheet. There is no “Cancel” button, but there is tiny text above the “OK” button that says “review your subscription” if someone wants to cancel.

This is not generally available to developers.

Michael Tsai:

In a few years, we’ll be told there was already an “established program” for this.

Yet another special arrangement between large companies. Does anyone still think it is a mystery why developers do not trust the App Store process?

The problem is not that Apple gives special privileges to larger or more trusted developers. That can make sense — can you imagine how many crappy CarPlay apps would distract drivers if any app could use that entitlement? The problem is that Apple continues to peddle the lie that it treats every developer the same. That is completely untrue, and Apple’s representatives know it is untrue.

Update: Nikhil Nigade:

Every one seems to be missing an important bit here: this was ready to go when Disney wanted it.

Did it ship with iOS 15.4? Prior to that?

Excellent questions. Has this quietly been in iOS for years, or was this behaviour created between Apple and Disney specifically for this circumstance?