Disable Auto-Following Artists on Apple Music twitter.com

By default, iTunes Connect auto-follows all the artists in your music library, regardless of how much you listen to them, whether they’re on a compilation, or whether you even want to see posts from them. For example, because of that whole U2 fiaso, you’re probably automatically following them, too. Turning that behaviour off is a little hidden, as Steven Troughton-Smith and Anthony F Waller found.

On a side note, my Connect section — a week after launch — has posts from these artists:

  • many from Trent Reznor
  • one from Aerosmith
  • a handful from Leon Bridges
  • a couple from U2 (though those should disappear now that I’ve unfollowed them)
  • one from Autolux
  • a few from Beck
  • a couple from the Boxer Rebellion
  • a few from the Strokes
  • one from the Black Keys
  • one from School of Seven Bells
  • a video from FKA Twigs used in the Apple Music promo

Compared to Ping, it’s not bad, but I also have over 2000 artists in my library. Connect is not necessarily a hive of activity yet (and maybe there’s a reason for that).

Update: Of course, it only auto-follows iTunes purchases, not all artists in your library.