Sonny Dickson Says a Redesigned iMac Is Coming at WWDC

More Mac scuttlebutt today courtesy Sonny Dickson:

New iMac incoming at WWDC. iPad Pro design language, with Pro Display like bezels. T2 chip, AMD Navi GPU, and no more fusion drive.

The iMac is the last Mac that you can buy with a spinning hard disk — the base model doesn’t even have a Fusion Drive — and its incongruity with the rest of the lineup shows in the dismal performance of APFS-formatted hard drives.

Via Stephen Hackett:

How this works with today’s report in Bloomberg that the ARM Mac transition is going to be announced at WWDC. I would be really surprised if any ARM Macs ship this summer, but why wouldn’t they want to usher in a new design with the new chipset? When Apple switched to Intel, most of the new Macs looked like their outgoing PowerPC siblings, but that doesn’t have to the be the case this time.

Aside from developer kits, I don’t expect to see any ARM Macs debut this year to consumers. If this new iMac does debut in conjunction with WWDC this year, I see no reason it would not have an Intel processor.

It would be kind of bizarre to see the announcement of the ARM transition and the debut of an all-new iMac in the same presentation. But maybe it’s a rational choice — a way to show people who were planning on buying a new Mac that there’s no reason to wait, and to indicate that the transition will be smooth.

Update: Paul McGrane:

It does have a fascinating, though probably coincidental parallel. The final iMac G5 in the end of 2005, was somewhat redesigned from the previous 2 models, and was the first iMac with an iSight camera and a remote control.

The Intel iMac in January 2006 looked exactly the same.

Terrific memory on McGrane’s part. The first iMac G5, released in 2004, had an entirely flat back; the version that replaced it about a year later sported the now-familiar curved back. It also dropped the 56k modem.