Jesus Diaz Writes the Inevitable Article About Microsoft’s Apple-Beating Though Not-Yet-Shipping Innovation

Jesus Diaz — sigh — writing at Tom’s Guide:

Yesterday, as I finished watching Microsoft’s presentation on my iPad Pro, I thought that Redmond had crushed its old archnemesis in just half an hour. The Surface Neo and the Surface Duo made me think that Microsoft is now the king of innovation and industrial design. They have beaten Apple at its own game.

This take — that future Microsoft products beat current Apple products — is so trite that you can search the Macalope’s default quip, which I stole for the aside in this paragraph, and get eleven years’ worth of uses.

It’s even a cliché for Diaz: he previously said that Mountain Lion was out-innovated by Windows 8, and that the then-not-yet-shipping Surface “made the MacBook Air and iPad look obsolete”. And, like the 2008 article in which the Macalope coined its “future Microsoft products” line, Diaz also claimed that Windows Phone 7 beat iOS in a piece published eight months before the first Windows Phone would ship.

That was easy.