Caitlin Dewey Wants to See Your Old Gmail Messages

Caitlin Dewey:

In April, Gmail turned 20; the service is two-thirds as old as I am. “We now have a huge accidental archive of our collective past,” wrote the editors at New York, to mark the occasion.


You have emails like this too, I’d imagine — happy emails and sad ones. Emails lost to time or memory or the unrelenting deluge of other, newer messages. Maybe it’s the first or last email you got from someone you treasure, or an announcement that changed your life, or a conversation you remembered wrong. Whatever forms this sort of long-lost email takes for you, I would love to see them.

If you would like to participate, there are more details in Dewey’s post, or you can visit the Google Form. Obviously, you can also forward messages to Dewey at, because if this project did not have a Gmail address, it would be a shame.

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